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Plumber Master, Heating and Air offers water heater service in Massachusetts. At Plumber Master, full-service appliance repair is one of our specialties.

Plumber Master offers water heater repair, maintenance and water heater installation in Metrowest area. With new energy-efficient tankless water heaters, your water will be hotter, unlimited and cost less to produce. Although less fuel-efficient than their tankless counterparts, standard water heaters have benefits and advantages that may be hard to beat.

No Hot Water? That’s An Emergency That Can’t Wait – Hot water is more than a convenience; it’s a necessity for cooking, cleaning, bathing, laundry and washing dishes. When your hot water goes cold . . . you can’t wait hours.

Fortunately, you don’t have to – Call Plumber Master. An experienced plumber will arrive at your home with all the tools, materials and expertise to repair your water heater fast.

The standard tank-type water heater has the ability to be mounted in tandem, effectively doubling the ready supply of hot water or can serve as a repository for solar heated water with cloudy day capabilities, all without the need for complicated plumbing and valves.

Storage Tank Water Heater – Storage tanks are one of the most common types of water heaters installed in most homes and businesses. As the name suggests, these types of water heaters consist of an insulated tank where water is heated and stored until it is needed. Storage tank water heaters come in three different types, natural gas, oil fuel and electrical. Natural gas water heaters usually cost less to operate than electric water heaters but upfront costs are usually more.

Heat Pump Hybrid Water Heaters – These water heaters capture the heat found in the air and then transfer that heat into the water. Hybrid water heaters use about 60% less energy than standard electric tank-type water heaters. They do however cost quite a bit more than electric tank-type water heaters but the payback time is short. Hybrid water heaters are ideal for areas that do not get very cold and should be placed in areas that have temperature ranges between 40 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water Heater Service coverage area:

We serve all cities listed even though you may see only a partial list below. Locations listed below alphabetically. For water heater services outside these areas please contact us for water heater pricing and scheduling.

Acton, MA – Andover, MA – Attleboro, MA – Belmont, MA – Brookline, MA – Carlisle, MA – Chelmsford, MA – Concord, MA – Dedham, MA – Dover, MA – Dorchester, MA – Franklin, MA – Holliston, MA – Hopkinton, MA – Lexington, MA – Lincoln, MA – Mansfield, MA – Medfield, MA – Newton, MA – Needham, MA – Norfolk, MA – Reading, MA – Roxbury, MA – Southborough, MA – Wayland, MA – Weston, MA – Wellesley, MA – Waltham, MA – Winchester, MA – Westwood, MA.

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